Calendar of Events


Members of the Caledonian & St. Andrew’s
Society will continue to gather using the
electronic app Zoom for several additional
months, due to continuing prohibitions on
large gatherings of people.

Our next gathering is Sunday, October 10th, at
2:00 p.m.

An e-mailed link will be sent to
everyone who has computer access a few days
in advance of this date. You can also join by
clicking on this link or copying and pasting
this address into your browser:

You can also participate by phone by calling


and entering the meeting ID: 713 418 301

and then the passcode: 004905.

For those without a camera on your computer, you
can do both, letting you see everyone on the
computer and connecting with people on your


Blackthorn Band – Blackthorn is a Vancouver
(Canada)-based folk group with repertoire
rooted in the musical traditions of Scotland
and Ireland. They bring their music to life with
luscious harmonies and complex instrumentation.

Many remember their annual performances at the Seattle Games.


Although the
Caledonians are sponsoring their performance,
the band will also have a PayPal link for you to
offer additional monetary tips if you are
especially pleased with their performance. The
PayPal link is
This group has been very popular at regional
Scottish games, and you may wish to invite a friend
to attend the gathering to enjoy their performance.


Plan ahead to join us each month for
gatherings on Zoom. We will have a variety of
local, national, and international talent for the

November 14 – St. Andrew Program